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Mass Slavery Apology is a small racial justice group based in Franklin County, Massachusetts.

Our mission has two parts:

1.  to provide resources for racial justice efforts and to welcome others into the antiracism/racial justice movement, and

2.  to build public acknowledgement of the legacy of slavery and public support for reparations.


Our main projects at present involve sharing information with others, especially whites, about racism and white privilege. These include:


·       ~ Our monthly event series. All programs are free and open to the public.

·       ~ Taking the “Let’s Talk Race Space,” our information table and display, to other groups’ events. ·     


ELECTRONIC OUTREACH – local, regional, national, international:

·       ~ Once or twice monthly we send out an email newsletter sharing antiracism events, articles, and links

·       ~ This website

·       ~ Facebook page


NETWORKING, COLLABORATION, MOVEMENT BUILDING:  Our activities strive to bring individuals and groups who are new to antiracism into the movement, to develop relationships with others who are already committed, and to build collaborations with other racial justice groups and antiracist individuals locally, regionally, and nationally.


Mass Slavery Apology grew from many roots.

~ People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond: Several of our original members were part of a white antiracism group that formed after an Undoing Racism Workshop.

~ The Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage, 1998-1999: One of our original members several of our advisors participated in this 18 month journey retracing the path of the slave trade.

~ The New England Peace Pagoda: Based in Leverett MA, the Peace Pagoda organized the Pilgrimage.

We now have a YouTube page!

We will be posting videos of some of our programs, and more...


We hope you will join us at our upcoming events!


Saturday, June 6:

One People, One Earth

with Brother NorthStar, aka Smitty from the City


Looking for ways to get more involved in racial justice work? After each workshop, we’ll have time for individuals and groups who are organizing racial justice actions to give a short summary of their projects, emphasizing how others can participate, and then to get together with people interested in participating. If you are organizing a project or action and are looking for support and participation, please send a summary of your project to (  If you will not be attending the workshop, we'll read your summary to the group and make your contact details available.


Many thanks to our sponsors and supporters!