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We invite you to join us in this effort to heal racism.

Acknowledging that an apology is just the start of undoing the racism that continues to devastate many communities of color in the United States and elsewhere, we invite people of European descent to join us by adding your signatures to this statement, if our words resonate with you. 

If you would like to be listed as a signer, email us with your name, town, and state, and your country if you are outside the U.S.


What will we do with our statement - and your signatures?  We have two goals:

   * To encourage state legislatures in the U.S. to make meaningful apologies for slavery and its legacy, starting here in Massachusetts

   * to educate other white people about racism, white privilege, and reparations


Please share this website with your lists or acquaintances who might be interested. 


Janet Aalfs, Northampton MA
Beth Adams, Leverett MA
Richard A. Adams, Montague MA
Beth Adel, Northampton MA
Vanessa Adel, Northampton MA
George Aguiar, Palmer MA
Margaret Allard, Chesterfield MA
Marco Almeida
Sharin Alpert, Shelburne Falls MA
Richmond Ampiah-Bonney, Amherst MA
Louise Amyot, Greenfield MA
Mrs. A.C. Anderson, Amherst MA

Rev. Fred W. Anderson, Sturbridge MA

Sharon L. Andrews, Turners Falls MA

Dr. Nancy Arvold, Richmond CA

James A. Babson, South Hadley MA

Brian C. Baeder, Enfield CT

Bernie Baker, Greenfield MA

Carol Baker, Montague MA

Laura Baker, Greenfield MA

Meg Baker, Greenfield MA

Ellen Barfield, Baltimore MD

Paul Barrett, Holyoke MA

Richard H. Barron, Berkshire NY

Christine Bates, Turners Falls MA

Clarence Bell III, San Antonio TX

Margaret (Peggy) Benoit, Rutland VT

John Berkowitz, Shelburne MA

Michaelann Bewsee, Springfield MA

James Bickford, Holyoke MA

Brian Bienvenue-Bliss, Greenfield MA

Victoria Binney, Dayville CT

Bruce Bokor, Northampton MA

Sarah Boles, Greenfield MA

Amy Bookbinder, Leeds MA

Thierry Borcy, Greenfield MA

Josiah Boricius, Montague MA

Ruth Bowman, Conway MA

Sue Bowman, Greenfield MA

Stephen John Brackett, Northampton MA

Karen Brandow, Buckland MA

Janice Briggs, Monsefu, Lambayeque, Peru

Maure Briggs-Carrington, Turners Falls MA

Charles Brink, Greenfield MA

22860000 22860000 (`@````````` 266 263 5 110185200 110185200

Claire Brodhead, Greenfield MA

Lise Brody, Athol MA

Daniel A. Brown, Greenfield MA

Sheree L. Brown, Greenfield MA

Eve Brown-Waite, Deerfield MA

Albert Brunette, Turners Falls MA

Anthony Brunette, Turners Falls MA

Veronique Bryant, Ashfield MA

Barbara Burkart, Amherst MA

Elizabeth Burtis, Derry NH

Jonathan Byerly, Colrain MA

JLove Calderon, NYC

Karen Canedy, Erving MA

Matilda Cantwell, Northampton MA

Nancy V. Capron, Holyoke MA

Laurel Carangelo, Greenfield MA

Suzanne Carlson, Greenfield MA

Dennis Carr, Cummington MA

Jeff Carroll, Montague MA

Megan Carruth, San Francisco CA

Sister Clare Carter, Leverett MA

Catherine Carulli, Sunderland MA

Robert Catlin, Greenfield MA

Leslie Chaison, Conway MA

Michael Chambers, Springfield MA

Molly Chambers, Greenfield MA

Morning Star Chenven, Erving MA

Alexis Chesney, Putney VT

Frank Cincotta, Springfield MA

George Cho, NYC

Howard Clark, Greenfield MA

Ellen E. Clegg, Bernardston MA

Edna Clinton, Hadley MA

William Clinton, Hadley MA

Jann Cobb, Raymond NH

John Cohen, Northampton MA

Matthew Cohen, Turners Falls MA

Jessica Collins, South Hadley MA

Mary Lou Conca, Shutesbury MA

Bob Cooley, Greenfield MA

Deborah Coon, Easthampton MA

Lorenzo Cosmo-Tourreilles, Amherst MA

Lynn Crough

Frances Crowe, Northampton MA

Jonathan Crowley, Shelburne Falls MA

Joshua Cunningham, Brattleboro VT

Barbara Curzi, Greenfield MA

Carol Ann Cushman, Worthington MA

Kate Dahlstedt, Amherst MA

Coureton Dalton, Cummington MA

Maria Danielson, Greenfield MA

Larry Dansinger, Monroe ME

Andrea Lynn Dastoli, S. Dartmouth MA

Jacqueline A. Dauphinais, Florence MA

Laurie Davidson, Montague MA

Nancy Fletcher Davies, Amherst MA
Richard M. Davis, Montague, MA

Sally Davis, Orange MA

Marcia Day, Greenfield MA

Patricia DeAngelis, Amherst MA
Magdalene DeBerec, Turners Falls MA
Susan Deer Cloud, Binghamton NY
Sheila Delson, Northampton MA

Robin DiAngelo, Springfield MA

Nandi Christine Dixon-Smith, Cromwell CT

Diane Dodds, Turners Falls MA

Carl Doerner, Charlemont MA

Alexander Dreier, Belchertown MA

Abrah Dresdale, Greenfield MA

S. Elizabeth Driscoll, Cambridge MA

Paula Dubin, Chicopee MA

Louise Dunphy, Amherst MA

Bishop Paul Dupuis, Somerville MA

Kathy Eaton, Northfield MA

Nitya Jess Eisenheim, Turners Falls MA

Jehann El-Bisi, Amherst MA

Jan Elders, Tybee Island GA

Peter Elias, North San Juan CA

Jan Ellis, Shelburne Falls MA

Vicki Elson, Conway MA

Donna Elwell, Ashfield MA

Jo Emery, Turners Falls MA

Beth Ann Erickson, Turners Falls MA

Peggi Erickson, Bainbridge Island WA

Jean Erlbaum, Greenfield MA 

Caitlin Esworthy, Beijing, China

George Esworthy, Shelburne Falls MA

Julie Etter, Brattleboro VT

Caroline Evans, Florence MA

Jacqueline Faison, Amherst MA

Sharon Feeney, Greenfield MA

Kay Fern, Greenfield MA

Andrew Feron, Highland NY

Rita S. Fierro, Ph.D., Philadelphia PA

Sheila Finan, Accord NY

Melissa Ann Finnell, Las Vegas NV

Lanette Fisher-Hertz, Amherst MA

Daria Fisk, Greenfield MA

Kathryn V. Fitzgibbons, Amherst MA

Sandra Lemelin Fitzpatrick, Belchertown MA

Joseph Fleming

Saraphina Forman, Northampton MA

Carol Foster, Amherst MA

Georgana M. Foster, Northampton MA

Rebekah Fowler, Springfield MA

Wendy Foxmyn, Leeds MA

Jessica Fraga, Belchertown MA

Leslie A. Fraser, Colrain MA

Jan Frazier, Westminster West VT

Deb Friedman, Takoma Park MD

Allan Fujita, Brookline MA

Holly Fulton, Peabody MA

Randall Furash-Stewart, Florence MA

Shanti Gaia, Shutesbury MA

Patricia Galloway, Eliot ME

Bob Gardner, Florence MA

Nancy S. Garrett, Amherst MA

Frank Gatti, Amherst MA

Robert Gerzon, Concord MA
Eva Gibavic

Nestor E. Giboyeaux, Natick MA

Lisa Gimbel, Somerville MA

Suzanne Gluck-Sosis, Greenfield MA

Tom Goldscheider, Florence MA

Deborah Golembeski, Gill MA

Marie Gordon, Hayesville NC

Dave Gott, Greenfield MA

Jackie Gould, Brattleboro VT

Cathy Gouch, Greenfield MA

Gayle Gramarossa, Greenfield MA

Andy Grant, Greenfield MA

Jen Gray-Lewis, Northampton MA

Emily Greene, Greenfield MA

Jessie Groneman, Turners Falls MA

Paula Gudell, Sunderland MA

Karen A. Guthrie, Greenfield MA

Jonathan Mark Haber, Warwick MA

Ida Hakim, Atlanta GA

Susanne Hale, Colrain MA

Johanna Hall, Shutesbury MA

Maloy Hall, Holyoke MA

Claire Halverson

Jerilyn Hampton-Sawyer, Dayton OH

Barbara Hanno, Petersham MA

Mandy Hart, Amherst MA

Grant Hayter-Menzies, Sydney BC Canada

Ruth V. Hazzard, Amherst MA

Claire Heath, Greenfield MA

Beverly Hector-Smith, Natick MA

Cynthia Heiland, Acton MA

Edie Heinemann, Greenfield MA

Marty Hellman, Norwich CT

Shayna Henckel-Miller, Dorchester MA

Hartley Hennessey, South Hadley MA

Amelia Higney, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Shelley Hines, Wendell MA

Jeff Hitchcock, Roselle NJ

Janet Hodos, Florence MA

Sherrill Hogen, Conway MA

Melinda Holm, NY NY

Anraku Hondorp, Northampton MA

Ellen Hopman, Belchertown MA

Sara Howard, Amherst MA

Cheryl Howland, Leverett MA

Fred Hubbard, Conway MA

Sarita Hudson, Florence MA

Mary Huppe, Turners Falls MA

Ralph Hurwitz, Leverett MA

Pamela Hussey, Belchertown MA

Ramona Hussey

Amie M. Hyson, Greenfield MA

P.L. Iacono, Greenfield MA

Teegrey Iannuzzi, Pelham MA

Lilly Israel, Amherst MA

Roberta Issler, Sunderland MA

Peter Ives, Northampton MA

Dorothy S. Janke

Nicole Jablon, Northampton MA

Paul Jablon, Greenfield MA

Scott Jablon, Northampton MA

Anne Jemas, Turners Falls MA

Sara Jenkins, Lake Junaluska NC
Abbie Jenks, Pelham MA

Nina Capra Jordan, Lee NH

Noel Jost-Coq, Lee NH

Kaolin, Northampton MA

Sunni Karll, Kilauea HI

Erin Senghas Kassis, Northfield MA

Shirley Keech, Northfield MA

Randy Kehler, Colrain MA

Dawn Kennedy, Leverett MA

Elaine Kenseth, Amherst MA

Annie Keough, Greenfield MA

Lorna A. Kepes, Pelham MA

Oona Kilcommons, Greenfield MA

Phyllis Killam-Abell, Exeter NH

Matthew C. Killian, Thousand Oaks CA

Faith Kindness, Greenfield MA

Rebecca D. King, Greenfield MA

Sharon King, Erving MA

Lynn Kingston, Florence MA

Halladay Kinsey, Easthampton MA

Maria Kirigin, Northampton MA

Lynne Knudsen, Easthampton MA

Ellen Koch, Ypsilanti MI
Emily Koester, Northfield MA

Andrea Kolbe, Bennington VT

Edwina Kreps, Turners Falls MA
Gopi Krishna, Plainfield MA

Carmen Krusche, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Jonathan Krusche, Freising, Bavaria, Germany

Andrew Kurowski, Heath MA

Phyllis Labanowski, Conway MA

Susan LaForte, Amherst MA

Robin Lane, Sunderland MA

Cara L. Lapenas, Belchertown MA

Andrew Larkin, Northampton MA

Tanya Lax, Turners Falls MA

Jennifer Lee, Plainfield MA

Mrs. Frances Lee-Vandell, Charlottesville VA

Robbie Leppzer, Wendell MA

Carol G. Letson, Greenfield MA

Carol Lewis, Amherst MA

Claudia Lewis, Warwick MA

Kathy Lewis, Northampton MA

Laurie Leyshon, Shelburne Falls MA

Amaele "Maya" Liebermann, Northampton MA

Rita Lindemann, Montague MA
Gisele L'Italien, Conway MA

Rev. Robert L. Livingston, Belchertown MA

Farnsworth Lobenstine, Amherst MA

Geoff Lobenstine, Belchertown MA

Rema Loeb, Plainfield MA

Dwight Lopes, Madison CT

Maureen Lopes, Madison CT

Marlene Lopez, Mashpee MA

Christina Bracewell Lovaas, Ukiah CA

Meg Maccini, Northampton MA

Bonnie MacCracken, Amherst MA

Julie MacDonald, Albany NY

Maynard Mack, Jr., Silver Spring MD

Rebecca B. MacKenzie, Claremont NH

BJ Mackinnon, Brimfield, MA

Erin MacLean, Turners Falls MA

Tom Maclean, Greenfield MA

David Macomber, Bennington VT

Eveline MacDougall, Northfield MA

Marah MacRostie, Northampton MA

J. Patrick Mahon, Young Harris GA

Joan Mahon, Young Harris GA

Keely Malone, Greenfield MA

Marshall Malone, Greenfield MA

Trouble Gouch Mandeson, Greenfield MA

Cristian Marano, Amherst MA

Susan Mareneck, Leverett MA

Nadia Marti, Warwick MA

Dennis Martino, Contoocook NH

Aiyana Prema Masla, Ashfield MA

Janet Masucci, Gill MA

Sandra McArthur, Ashfield MA

Susan N. McCarthy, Conway MA

Kate McConnell, Shutesbury MA

Donna L. McDaniel, Southborough, MA

Belinda McKeen, Athol MA

Lisa McLoughlin, Northfield MA

Dorothy McIver, Greenfield MA

Lisa McMurray, Los Angeles CA

Joanne Pope Melish, Wakefield RI & Shelburne MA

Sarah Michaud, Marblehead MA

Louise Minks, Leverett MA

Michael Mongeau, Amherst MA

Tad Montgomery, Brattleboro VT

Jennifer Morgan, Bernardston MA

Lenore Long Morimoto, Wendell MA

Monique Morimoto, Quincy MA

Ursula E. Mosley, Sanger CA

Mel Motel, Brattleboro VT

Kathy Mulero, Springfield MA

Emmett J. Murphy, Bradenton FL

Delia Nash, Cummington MA

Terri Nash, Kapa'a HI

Quinn Nelson, New Haven CT

Lisa Newell, Putney VT

Yeshi Neumann, Muir Beach CA

Amy Newshore, Greenfield MA

Ashley Nkosi, Amherst MA

Sharon Nobles, Boston MA

Thomas Nola, Dummerston VT

Sonny Nordmarken, Northampton MA

Amy Elizabeth Norman, San Francisco CA

Kersey Norris, Ashfield MA

Matthew Norris, Ashfield MA

Gail Nutting, Westhampton MA

Karen Nylander, Amherst MA

Jacqueline Odess-Gillett, Hadley MA

Kirsten Olson, Jamaica Plain MA

Marty Ostrowski, Shutesbury MA

Kristin Palpini, Northampton MA

Robin Panagakos, Greenfield MA

Deborah Parkington, Pittsfield MA

Penny Partridge, Amherst MA

Melissa Pelletier, South Windsor CT

Gilberto Perez, Bainbridge Island WA

Jim Perkins, Leverett MA
Rev. David Pettee,
Newton MA

Veronica Phaneuf, Montague MA

Francesca Piantedosi, Northampton MA

Jack B.C. Pierson, Northampton MA

Greg Pindris, Richmond Hill NY

Josie Pinto, Amherst MA

Sarah Pirtle, Shelburne Falls MA

Suzy Polucci, Erving MA

Cleo Post, Canaan NY

Thomas F. Powers, Greenfield MA

Bob Pringle, St. Albans NY

Richard P. Purcell, Holyoke MA

Linda Putnam, Northampton MA

Rachel A. Rahn, Springfield MA

Dawn Rath, Guilford VT

Kaela Ravi, Wendell MA

Scott Reed, Sunderland MA

Janet Reipold, Montague MA
Kathleen Rice, Oakland CA

Ronda Rice, Kapaa HI

Holly Richardson, Florence MA
Jill Marie Richardson, Kapaa HI

Nokiko Richardson, Amherst MA

Anne Richmond, Springfield MA  

Daniel Rodrigues, Greenfield MA

Pete Rogers, Amherst MA

Sophie Rogers, Amherst MA

Robert Romer, Amherst MA

Wisty Rorabacher, Greenfield MA

Donald Rose, Williamsburg MA

Shelley Rosen, Northampton MA

Brenda Ross, Springfield MA

Cynthia Rothschild, Greenfield MA

Garine Roubinian, Easthampton MA

Laurielee Roy, NH

Laura Rozza, West Hartford CT

Loreto Ruiz, Somerville MA

Zoe Salls, Greenfield MA

Carlyn Saltman, Turners Falls MA

Maryellen Santiago, Northampton MA

Steve Sapowsky Jr., Belchertown MA

Skip Schiel, Cambridge MA

Evi Schachtl, Wendell MA

Donna V. Schaeffler

Garret Schenck, Sunderland MA

Joanna Schoen, Sunderland MA

Louis Stanley Schoen, Minneapolis MN

John Schuchardt, Ipswich MA

Marcie Sclove, Amherst MA

Karen M. Scott M.D., Greenfield MA

Gary Seldon, Greenfield MA

Horace Seldon, Wakefield MA

Ryumon Sensei, Westhampton MA

Elyssa Serrilli, Turners Falls MA

C.L. Shapleigh, Holyoke MA

Juanita D. Shavers, Springfield MA

Barbara Sheard, Pelham MA & Beaverton OR

Paula Shulman, Northampton MA

Philippe Simon, Buckland MA

Sidney Simon, Hadley MA

Sally Sise, Vergennes VT

Renny Skiathitis, Gill MA

Gregory-Dean Smith (Brother NorthStar), New York City, NY

Jamie Smith, Florence MA

Meghan Smith, Easthampton, MA

Richard L. Smith, Greenfield MA

Nina Smolyar, Boston MA

Liz Snide, Greenfield MA

Peter Snoad, Jamaica Plain MA

Pamela Snow, Shelburne Falls MA

Ricia Elwell Socci, Greenfield MA

Carol Sotiropoulos, Greenfield MA

Demetrios Sotiropoulos, Marquette MI

Frances P. Soto, Amherst MA

Spence, Turners Falls MA

Karen Spindel, Northampton MA

Alexandra Sprague, Northampton MA

Barbara K. Spring, Delmar NY

Raja Staggers, Hamden CT

N. Stark, Shelburne MA

Abbey Stasny, Brattleboro VT

Barbara St. Romain, Lafayette LA

Wat Stearns, Brattleboro VT

Kathryn K. Stevens, Charlemont MA

Bruce Stewart, Shelburne MA

June Stewart, Pittsfield MA

Rachel Stoler, Turners Falls MA

Mary Stowe, Brattleboro VT

Stuart Strothman, Putney VT

Joanne Sunshower, Shutesbury MA

Brienne Superczynski, Thurmont MD

Carrie Swain, Montague MA

Nancy Talanian, Whately MA

Linda Tannenbaum, S. Deerfield MA

Lori Tanner, Springfield MA

Jo Ella Tarbutton, Northampton MA

Michael Patrick Terranova, Boston MA

Katie Tertocha, Seattle WA

Edward Tick, Amherst MA

Peter Titelman, Northampton MA

Ndugu G.B. T'Ofori-Atta, Atlanta GA

Christian L. Torp, Lexington KY

Sara Tower, Springfield MA

Jim Tuite, Edison NJ

Laurel Turk, Sunderland MA
Billy Turtle Warrior, Townshend VT
Joan Vander Vliet, S. Deerfield MA
Margaret van Baaren, Mt. Hermon MA
Tim Van Egmond, Montague MA
Nick VanSant, Great Barrington MA
Joyce Vincent, Sunderland MA
Jonathan von Ranson, Wendell MA
Susan von Ranson, Wendell MA
John Waite, Deerfield MA
Amy Walker, Turners Falls MA
Patty Morey Walker, Greenfield MA

Raymond Walne, Glasgow, Scotland

Beth Ward, Springfield MA

Tom Weiner, Northampton MA

Sally Weiss, Northampton MA

Mary Wheelan, Worthington MA

Janice D’Amours White, Feeding Hills MA

Tessa White-Diemand, Athol MA

Ali Wicks-Lim, Amherst MA

Susan Wilcox, Bernardston MA

Betsy Williams, Westminster West VT

Carol Williford, Northampton MA

John VanDyke Wilmerding, Jr., Brattleboro VT

Winifred Windriver, Bradenton FL

Beth Winn, Greenfield MA

Patrice Woeppel, Haydenville MA

Kristen Woetzel, Greensboro NC

Kim Wolcott, Greenfield MA
Regina Woods, Brooklyn NY

Emilie S. Woodward, Leeds MA

Luke Woodward, Northampton MA

Cate Woolner, Northfield MA

Jennifer Yanco, Medford MA 

Peter Yuslum, Gonzales LA

Phil Zachariah, Brattleboro VT

Lisa Zephyr, Pelham MA

Linnea Zimmer, Northampton MA